Shrodingers Park Poster.png

Thomas Gatzen-O'Keefe, Caleb Fisher, Japnur Singh
Radford College

Student Summary:

"Schrodinger's park, you know the theory." 

Imagine a whacky white-water world, but it has numerous activities. That is our theme. We used one of our school's ovals to create "Schrodinger’s Park." This park is situated over 50 meters wide, 30 meters tall, and 2m deep over a human-made pond. This park has inspiration from everything you could imagine:

·         Germany fun parks 

·         Parkour courses

·         waterparks

·         medieval wooden style

In Germany, fun parks are an everyday 'enjoyment' that families enjoy. We decided to turn the danger up to MAX! We chose this idea due to its humour, and its un-realistic nature helps build the idea of a kids dream playground, bound by way too many restrictions.

The park is within water and games can be played in the park with basic principle of falling into the lake means game over. The only way to access the park is to row in through a canoe. our park consists of the following:

·         Seven towers for running around.

·         Hardcore Parkour to cross between the buildings (through pillars)

·         shapes from an intricate design

Our park is enjoyable and exciting since no other park has been built with this magnitude and design.


Jury Comments

The Schrodingers Fun Park is a schoolyard adventure space whose risk-riddled design aims to thrill and excite. Students can run through wooden castles, leap across Parkour structures and fall into deep water features.  The jurors enjoyed how this entry embraced the opportunity to put traditional schoolyard rules and restrictions aside for some outside-the-box thinking.